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This Arbequina is 100% Capay Valley grown. It has fresh fruity aromas of almonds and fresh mown grass. It has a soft and smooth first impression leading to a balanced aftertaste of ripe fruit. Apples? Apricot?

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Belive it or not, Capay Gold Olive Oil, LLC was started by Susanne and Dennis by accident. What started off as a backyard landscape project at their home in Santa Rosa,over several years morphed into ten acres and 1800 olive trees in the beautiful Capay Valley in Yolo County up I-505 about 25 miles from Vacaville.

When Susanne and Dennis picked too many olives from their 16 landscape olive trees in their backyard, they joined with a couple of neighbors and had all of the olives milled into oil during a Community Press Day at the Dy Creek Olive Oil Mill in Healdsburg. The fresh taste was incredible and Susanne right then and there stated that "We should start an olive oil business!!" Low and behold, six years later, we are actually offering our olive oil for sale.

Capay Gold Arbequina received Gold Medal and Best in Class award from the 2013 Yolo County Fair competition.

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